Loan to own scheme ciecumvented by realtor george mercier and family

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yes thats right , realtor george mercier sr has tried to falsely make it appear that he resides as a florida resident , while actually residing in new york state in an efford to avoid paying taxes .it is also that information revealed shows how reported information in a theft of supposed money by an ex comptroller, which in actuality is false , and he should be arrested for perjury and filing perjurious documents and information relating to attempt to cover up the facts of the matter .

as we've followed this entire case related to years of fraud by this broker/lender , it turns out that at the time word had spread about a possible investigation on the many companies owned and operated by him that turns out were unlicensed to do more than four mortgages per year . he's done hundreds upon hundreds while assigning , flipping deals to family members , banks, other lenders ect .. even buying out foreclosure loans from other banks like countrywide, and many others then immediately splitting those with his son micheal mercier who owns normany bank the and shares owner ship of gmc management . they then also do the same with other banks , real estate companies and such to cause confusion the courts to insure that orgination of loans are hard to trace .

all or most banks share finger prints of this scheme across the united states .it is also that information given by george mercier and his new vice president of operations edward traugott deposed a furtherance of scheme to prevent exposure by falsely thrumping charges on the ex comptroller ernest mcmurray , to use him as a scape goat and a pawn in case the scheme came to light . this is evident by statements made by the two in police depositions . which were also in their own conflicting words and statements . based on what we've found , there seems to be favors being made by officials or unwillingness to produce proper evidence to the courts were not done .

none the less a person has been harmed with the misconduct we knowing all related facts hereby expose the enities owned by this predatory lender as forida westland corp , mercier realty , centurion capital , 212 new york , gmc management , normandy bank , leroy properties , as well as others connected through hidden ownerships of this predatory lender , orchestrator of the loan to own scheme and his family members who are doing damge in south florida and many parts of the united states of america .you have been exposed .

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